1. General Information

1.1. Executive Director of the swim: Bazulka Alexander Vladimirovich.

1.2. The international swim I SWIM OPEN MINSK is being held on September 5-6, 2020 at the Minsk Sea.

1.3. On 5 September, — Swims at distances of 1 km, 3 km, Triathlon at distances of (200 m swim + 5 km bike + 1 km run),
(500 m swim + 10 km bike + 3 km run), (1 km swim + 20 km bike + 6 km run).

1.3.1. On 6 September, — Swims at distances of 5 km, 10 km. Aquatlon at distances of (100 m swim + 500 m run),
(400 m swim + 2 km run), (1 km swim + 5 km run).

1.4. The time allowed for each of the distances:

1 km — 35 minutes,
3 km — 1 hour 30 minutes,
5 km — 2 hours 30 minutes,
10 km — 5 hours.
200 m swim + 5 km bike + 1 km run — 40 minutes,
500 m swim + 10 km bike + 3 km run — 1 hour 20 minutes,
1 km swim + 20 km bike + 6 km run — 3 hours.
100 m swim + 500 m run — 20 minutes,
400 m swim + 2 km run — 45 minutes,
1 km swim + 5 km run — 1 hour 20 minutes

1.5. The registration for the swim is available on the official website:

1.6. The maximum number of participants is 800;

1.7. Three winners from each "Men" and "Women" categories are subject to the award in the final standing for all of the distances.

1.8. Cases that are not provided in the Regulations are considered by the Organizing Committee as a matter of routine.

2. Goals and Objectives

2.1. The popularization of a healthy lifestyle and swimming.

2.2. Attracting tourists who are enthusiastic about the sport to the city.

2.3. The promotion of the growth of sporting achievements.

3. Leadership

Competition organizer is:

SP Bazulka Alexander Vladimirovich.

4. Time and Venue

4.1. The exact time of the start is appointed by the organizers one month before the start. The agenda of the event is published on the official website of the swim (clause 1.5) concurrent with the appointment of the start time.

4.2. The distance plan is provided on the website together with the exact location of the start and finish.

4.3. The organizers have the right to change the distance plan and the start time by notifying the participants.

5. Competitors

5.1. Men and women above the age of 18 take part in swims for all distances. Those from 14 to 18 years old are allowed with a written consent from the parents.

5.2. Children under 14 are allowed for the children's swim with a written consent from the parents.

5.3. The participants' age is determined by the number of full years as of the day preceding the day of the swim.

5.4. The maximum total number of the participants of the swim is specified in clause 1.6. The organizers have the right but do not undertake to increase or decrease the number of participants.

5.5. The use of wetsuits:

  • The use of wetsuits is permitted at the temperature of up to +24° C. It is prohibited to use wetsuits at the temperature exceeding +24° C.

  • Wetsuits must be used if the the water temperature is below 18 degrees.

6. Registration

6.1. Registration is made online on the official website (clause 1.5). If you have not received the registration confirmation by mail or in your personal account, contact the organizers.

6.2. Registration will be open until the total number of participants is achieved (clause 1.6) (including all distances and age groups), but not later than two weeks before the start. If the number of participants is much higher than the specified number, the organizers reserve the right but do not undertake to revise this clause.

6.3. When registering, a participant is obliged to provide personal data in accordance with the ID.

6.4. Participants are considered to be registered if they fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee.

6.5. The registration fee is spent on organizational needs. The size of the fee can be found on the official website (clause 1.5). All financial issues are governed by the offer agreement published on the website.

6.6. The paid registration fee is not reimbursed.

6.7. Participant registration is canceled if the participant has provided false, inaccurate or incomplete data. In case of the registration cancellation, the funds will not be reimbursed (See clause 5 for details in the offer agreement).

6.8. The transfer of paid participation to other persons is governed by the offer agreement that is published on the site.

6.9. By registering, the participant confirms his consent to all of the clauses of this provision and the public offer agreement.

7. Admission to the Competition

7.1. To be admitted to the competition and get a starter package, participants must provide before the start:

  • Passport or another identity document.

  • Completed and signed application for participation in the swim, in which they abdicate the organizers' responsibility for possible damage to life and health that may arise during the swim (Appendix 1).

7.2. Starter packages are provided to participant in person. It is prohibited to receive the kits on behalf of other persons and transferring them to other persons.

7.3. All participants are required to attend the pre-competition briefing. The exact information on the venue and time of the briefing will be specified on the website (clause 1.5).

7.4. All clauses of this paragraph are mandatory, failure to comply with any of them entails the exclusion of the participant from the competition without the reimbursement.

8. The Starter Package and Chip

8.1. An electronic time measuring is made at all distances.

8.2. The starter package includes:

  • An awesome T-shirt (1 km, 3 km, 5 km, 10 km)
  • An electronic chip
  • An individual swimming cap
  • An individual safety buoy for temporary use
  • Information materials.

Driving license is not an identity document.

8.3. Only participants with electronic chips are allowed for the starting line (except for the children's swim and the relay race). A chip and a buoy must be fastened in accordance with the organizers' instructions. Incorrect chip fastening can hinder result recording. At the end of the swim, the chip and the safety buoy must be handed over to the organizers.

8.4. Starter packages are provided to participant at the registration in person. It is prohibited to receive the kits on behalf of other persons and transferring them to other persons.

9. Awarding

9.1. Participants are subject to the award in accordance with clause 1.7.

9.2. Additionally, all participants who finish the distance are awarded with a medal.

10. Withdrawing

10.1. If a participant decides to discontinue the competition, he must notify the organizers and return the electronic chip and safety buoy in the starting camp or at the starting point. The exact location of the starting camp and starting points are provided on the site (clause 1.5).

10.2. Medical personnel, organizers and judges of the competition have the right to withdraw the participant from the track at any time if they deem it necessary.

10.3. If you want to withdraw the distance for whatever reason during a swim, signal it by raising your right or left hand.

11. Disqualification

11.1. The organizers have the right to disqualify a participant if they have reasonable concerns about his or her health, if a participant does not follow the rules of the competition and the clauses of this Regulation, gets in the way of other participants, or otherwise impedes the competition.

11.2. There are time limits at distances. A swimmer is withdrawn from a distance if he or she does not fit into the specified time limit.

11.3. A swimmer is withdrawn from a distance if he or she cannot cope with the course and is found below check marks. The rules of passing check marks are explained by the organizers at the pre-competition briefing.

11.4. During the swim, each participant must fasten an individual buoy provided by the organizers on the belt. A swimmer who finishes without a buoy is disqualified and reimburses the cost of the buoy to the organizers.

11.5. It is prohibited to use special devices, such as flippers, paddles, mattresses, etc., with the exception of individual safety buoys, wetsuits, neoprene gloves, socks and helmets.

11.6. Each participant must wear a swimming cap provided by the organizers during the swim. A swimmer who finishes without a cap may be disqualified.

12. Safety Precautions

12.1. Overall responsibility for the security rests with the organizers.

12.2. On the water, participants are accompanied by lifeboats and boats with rescue groups. 12.3. Each participant is provided with an individual safety buoy for the duration of the distance. 12.4. Medical care is provided by ambulances with the necessary equipment in accordance with legal regulations in force on the territory of the swim.

12.5. The safety of the swim participants and spectators at the venue of main swim events on land is provided by the competition organizers.

12.6. The organizers are not responsible for participants who do not follow the rules of the swim and the organizers' instructions.

13. Photo and Video Recording

13.1. The organizer has the right to perform a photo and video recording of a participant during the swim, to use photo, audio and/or video materials with the participation of the participant of the swim in promotional, advertising and other publications in the printing industry, on radio, television, on the Internet and other sources without limitation of the terms and places of use of these materials, as well as the right to edit such materials and transfer them to third parties without any compensation to the participant or responsibility.

14. Personal Information

14.1. Taking actions on the paying of the registration fee by a swim participant automatically implies his or her full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the public offer agreement, including the consent to the processing of his personal data by the organizer.

14.2. When completing a registration web-form for the event, a swim participant provides the Organizer with the information that is the personal data of the swim participant, as follows: the last name, the first name, the middle name, the gender, the date of birth, contact information (phone, email, city), the company, the club, the phone of a relative who can be contacted in case of an accident. When filling out an application for participation in the event, the participant provides passport data to the organizer.

14.3. The processing of personal data means the collection, systematization, collection, refinement, updating, change, use, distribution, transmission, including cross-border, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, storage and any other actions (operations) with personal data. The processing of the personal data of a swim participant can be carried out with the use of automation equipment and/or without its use in accordance with legislation in power on the territory where the swim is held.

14.4. The processing of the personal data of a swim participant is carried out solely for the purpose of fulfilling the conditions of this offer agreement — the offer and the Regulations on a swim, including that for the registration of a swim participant for the event, the producing of start and finish protocols, the sending of an e-mail message to the swim participant.

14.5. The organizer takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensures their adoption for the protection of personal data from inappropriate or accidental access to them, their destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, provision, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions in relation to personal data, and also undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of a swim participant. The organizer has the right to involve subcontractors in the processing of personal data of swim participants, as well as to transfer personal data for processing to its affiliates.

14.6. Taking actions on the paying of the registration fee by a swim participant should be considered as the date, on which the consent to the processing of the personal data of the swim participant is provided. The consent is valid for 20 (twenty) years from the date of personal data transfer.

14.7. The consent to personal data processing may be withdrawn by a swim participant on the basis of a written application in any form addressed to the Organizer and sent to him at:

15. Notice of Appeal

15.1. Any protests are accepted by the organizers in writing before the end of the day when swims take place, after the promulgation of preliminary protocols. This Regulation may be amended or terminated by the Organizers as a unilateral decision without prior notice of participants and without compensation. This Provision is the official invitation-challenge to take part in the swim.

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